GoodDayDJ reinvents how people engage with their downloaded music.

A personal MP3 DJ

Playlists brought to life with real-time, DJ-style commentary and anecdotes.

A New MP3 Experience

GoodDayDJ simulates a real radio DJ to keep you both tuned in and interested in your playlists.Learn More

Music Rediscovered

Music content that is always fresh, always informative.

Not Just Entertaining

GoodDayDJ actively engages listener interest by refreshing content every time you listen.Check it out

No More Tired Playlists

GoodDayDJ promotes music discovery and music socialization based on your playlist favorites.

Friends following friends

Discover, receive and listen to music recommendations from your GoodDayDJ friends.FIND OUT MORE
Keeping Music fun

Your playlists don’t have to become boring as they get older.

GoodDayDJ gives your playlist a facelift every time you listen.

Your Personal DJ

Choose Your DJ

GoodDayDJ is all about personal taste and personalized options, including a range of DJ voices, vocal styles and characteristics.

Get The Scuttlebutt

Get The Scuttlebutt

GoodDayDJ scours the internet to bring you fresh, current, newsy bits of tune-relevant information every time you queue up a playlist song.


Enjoy Options

GoodDayDJ is loaded with options that allow you to customize your listening experience, including turning it off altogether if you’re in a music-only mood.