A DJ for MP3 playlists?

GoodDayDJ is a new way to listen to your downloaded music— an exciting innovation that virtually brings your basic MP3 playlist to life. GoodDayDJ infuses playlists with new levels of interest by adding what’s missing most: context, that all important dimension that imparts meaningfulness.

GoodDayDJ adds context to your music listening experience in the form of targeted, informative and entertaining commentary, spoken by the voice of a radio-style DJ personality that emerges straight out of your MP3 playlist in real time.

GoodDayDJ is a personal DJ like no other, offering users a range of choices, options and variations for how it becomes part of your music listening experience.

Start by building your own DJ persona with a choice of DJ voice, vocal style and characteristics. Variations and options include gender (male, female, androgynous), speech style, (emphatic, declamatory, laid back, lyrical, quirky e.g. vocal fry, etc), accents (international, regional), and more.

Next, choose how you want GoodDayDJ to interact with your playlist. Mode options include:
Basic“, in which DJ commentary focuses on playlist tunes only,
Basic Plus“, in which information such as time, location, and weather is added to the commentary,
Discovery“, in which GoodDayDJ offers opportunities to listen/purchase additional tunes, and
Discovery Social“, in which Discovery users can recommend tunes, receive music recommendations from friends and/or follow the musical choices of GoodDayDJ friends.

Not in a DJ mood? No problem. GoodDayDJ provides a “Music Only” mode, in which DJ commentary is switched off altogether.