It’s all about options!

With its emphasis on user interest, personal taste and personalized options, GoodDayDJ’s revolutionary approach to MP3 music listening is designed to ensure a music listening experience second to none. Best of all, GoodDayDJ is totally flexible: Choose some, or all of what GoodDayDJ has to offer. Bypass some functions, or turn off GoodDayDJ altogether if you’re in a music-only mood; the way you use GoodDayDJ is totally up to you.

So don’t let your aging music favorites lapse into the land that time forgot; playlists don’t have to become boring as they get older. GoodDayDj is an exciting innovation that guards against premature aging of downloaded music by re-animating interest in playlist tunes to enhance and maximize music listening enjoyment and satisfaction. Upgrade your mp3 collection with GoodDayDJ and rediscover your music in a fresh context every time you listen.