Your Playlist Tunes Rediscovered

GoodDayDJ works as well by noticing things about your tunes— for instance, that some of your playlist tunes may have other and/or earlier versions out there. GoodDayDJ identifies these alternates, offering users the opportunity to temporarily detour from the playlist in order to listen or download as desired.

So, for instance, in introducing the song Got My Mind Set On You by George Harrison, GoodDayDJ might offer,

G’Day Lee! Got My Mind Set On You was Harrison’s last single to chart. Harrison bought a copy of the single in the summer of 1963 when visiting his sister Louise in Illinois. Many years later when he was writing his Cloud Nine album, he remembered the song and decided to cover it. The song was written by Rudy Clark and originally recorded by James Ray in 1962. Interested in listening to this original version?”

In response to such GoodDayDJ query, users can speak “yes” to have GoodDayDJ bring up, play and offer the opportunity to later purchase the original. A spoken “no thanks” allows playlist tunes to continue as queued. GoodDayDJ also zeros in on musically similar tunes (by the same or other groups)— those that match the energy, style and characteristics of playlist tunes, giving users similar opportunities to listen or purchase/download.