Imagine your MP3 tunes introduced to you through the voice of your own personal DJ.

GoodDayDJ is precisely that— a groundbreaking concept that reinvents the way you listen to your downloaded MP3 music. GoodDayDJ works by taking aim at the music listening experience— endeavoring to keep you engaged with your MP3 playlists by upping the interest factor. With GoodDayDJ, your music listening is not just entertaining, but informative and fresh as well, every time you hear your favorite song, album, artist, or playlist.

At its heart, GoodDayDJ is a “radio-like” DJ personality that infiltrates and wakes up bare-bones MP3 playlists with personified, real-time commentary and anecdotes targeted to the music that matters to you: commentary that’s meaningful, engaging, informative, relevant.

GoodDayDJ is designed to put the fun back into your music listening by re-awakening lost interest in those hundreds, even thousands of MP3s you stopped listening to years ago. No more aimless wading through tired old MP3 playlists trying to find those forgotten favorites of yesteryear. Instead, GoodDayDJ targets all the songs in all your playlists equally, improving music listening interest across the board, using techniques real radio DJs use to draw in their audiences.